12 Things You Don’t Know About Second Chance’s New Star Laura Kahunde

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This week NTV’s popular TV show Second Chance welcomed Laura Kahunde, a new member of their cast. Kahunde plays Angella Byekwaso. Many of you might only know her for being singer Juliana Kanyomozi’s younger sister. Well, she’s a top actress with movie credits that include Mariam Ndagire’s Hearts in Pieces, Hello, Bullion and an upcoming film titled Love Faces among others.

We had a chat with the new TV star and she shared 12 things we didn’t know about her.

1. Her real name is Kahunde not Kahunzirwenkwanzi

My real name is actually Kahunde, and from its meaning I created Kahunzirwenkwanzi. Kuhunda is to beautify or to adorn. Enkwanzi (pearls) are very important in our culture. When a girl is going into her marital home, her senga (aunt) gives her ‘ekiibo kye’nkwanzi’ (basket full of pearls) which she uses to adorn herself. Also during introduction the man puts pearls around her neck, which was always used instead of an engagement ring, So Kahunzirwenkwanzi simply means “adorned with pearls

I’ve had some friends fail to pronounce it, a brother to one of my closest friends calls me “kahun-etc”!!

2. It’s not easy being Juliana’s sister

Juliana and I are like any other siblings, however when am out there I’m reminded that to others it’s different. She is the singer that many people love and adore. Recently on set, when one of my fellow actresses on Second Chance mentioned that she thinks I look so much like Juliana’s sister, everyone on the table went silent and we burst out laughing. When one of us told her that am actually the one, she started screaming and stood up, started chasing me around to hug me.

3. She’s a great singer as well and her new single was penned by A Pass

I do sing as well, am actually working on my second song which was written by A Pass. I should be releasing one of the songs this year God willing. I sang in church choir at Rubaga girls and at some point I was a voice leader soprano 1.

Laura and her sister Juliana

4. As kids, She and Juliana fought a little sometimes

I don’t know if I should call it fighting but yes we annoyed each other at times, however there would be no exchange of words because I respected her too much, we would go quiet on each other. Also, she was always very quiet and composed, I played more with our elder brother Eddie, whom I would run after every time he pinched me. Unfortunately, I never ever caught him.

5. She’s a farmer

I’m a farmer. My business partner and I grow hot pepper primarily plus other things.

6. Her first movie role was playing a village girl called Nanduttu

My first role was in Mariam Ndagire’s Hearts in Pieces. I got it after auditioning of course. In the movie, I played Nanduttu a village girl that was being sought after by many of the village men including the king, but had a suitor who wasn’t wealthy enough to afford her dowry. So while he worked hard to marry her there were obstacles.

Yes I did forget my lines at times when I was nervous however, I’ve been told a number of times that am good at memorizing dialogue.

7. Her favourite characters on the original Second Chance were Salvador and Isabel

I watched the original Second chance, Salvador and Isabel were my favourite. I think they settled well in their roles.

Laura as Angella Byekwaso

8. She and Angella Byekwaso have a few things in common

I think what I have in common with Angella Byekwaso is, she’s very calm and emotional. It’s difficult for me to fight and shout when am annoyed.

9. Her favourite Ugandan actors are Micheal Wawuyo jr and Nisha Kalema

My dream role would be one that is totally opposite of who I am. One where am loud, wild and manipulative, and this is because I will have challenged my skills as an actor. My favourite Ugandan actors are Micheal Wawuyo jr and Nisha Kalema. Internationally it is Charlize Theron. The guys keep changing, although right now it is Will Smith.

Nisha’s role in “Only Son” convinced me of her acting skills, I felt her pain. Wawuyo jr. is one person I keep learning things from, he is a disciplined actor and puts his whole heart and life in every role he is given. I’ve been on set with him and seen him getting in character, it’s amazing. When I watched Charlize Theron in monster and then saw her playing other roles I was amazed.

10. Her favourite colour is white

I’m not even sure if it’s my favourite colour but I love white. I would want 90 or 80 percent of my house to be white. However my friends say I love a dark red, maroon and apparently I buy so many things in that colour subconsciously.

11. She’s crazy about shoes

I don’t think am a fashion freak, though am crazy about shoes. One time I went to buy a dress for an event and saw a beautiful pair of shoes, I gave up on the dress and bought the shoes. That’s how much I love shoes!

12. She thinks men’s rompers are weird

These rompers for men, hahaha, I don’t know what to make of them. They look weird I think!


Second Chance airs every week Monday and Tuesday at 8pm on NTV

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