6 Eyebrow Mistakes You Probably Don’t Know You’re Making

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Eyebrows give your face structure, it’s important to keep them trimmed and beautifully done. Getting them done is one thing, doing them right is another. While at it, there’ re many mistakes made. We asked makeup artist and eyebrow wiz Fayth Presh to share some of the commonest eyebrow mistakes Ugandan women make.


  1. People tend to use black eyebrow pencils which make for a really weird sight. It should be deep brown for dark skin and light brown for light skin.
  2. Overly drawn eyebrows are a huge turn-off. Thick eyebrows are trending but again too thick is terrible to look at. If you wish to create a thick eyebrow look, try to keep it natural. It’s also possible to grow your natural eyebrows.
  3. People should learn to blend concealer with the skin tone as they define the shape of the eyebrows. Concealer should never be visible.
  4. The size of the eyebrows should be determined by the shape of the eyes. Abnormally long or short eyebrows don’t work. Always keep the look natural.
  5. There should be a gradation from light to dark. Most women keep the brows entirely black which is totally wrong.
  6. Eyebrows are sisters, not twins. They’re right. Don’t try so much to make them match or you will end up failing miserably.

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