2013’s most stylish female artistes named

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What a year it has been for fashion and music in Uganda. Female artistes are surely taking center stage both with their music and their fashion. While that is so, some few artistes have taken this to another level as they have been trend setters and overall style icons this year.

We are recognizing those artistes who have made our job of style blogging easy. We look up to them for style ideas and trending fashion directions.

1. Juliana Kanyomozi


Juliana is arguably the most stylish female artiste in Uganda. This is highly attributed to her stint on season six of Tusker Project Fame where all eyes were on her. She put this time to good use and set some of the trends women in East Africa have been wearing. From stripes to checkerboard patterns and bandage dresses. 

Juliana also held one of the most successful music concerts in Kampala dubbed ‘JulianaLiveConcert’. Besides seducing her fans, the Kora award winning singer sizzled in a fringed dress, a white body suit and a striped dress. She might be a powerful dresser on the stage but her personal style off the stage is also one marvel at. She surely doubles as a style and music icon.

2. Irene Ntale

irene ntale

She made her major music breakthrough this year. We love that she always makes an effort tolook stunning while she serenades us on stage or while making an appearance on TV. Her signature hair do makes her stand out from the rest and gives her all the edge she deserves with her style of music. She’s also very daring with her style choices.

3. Rema


After breaking away from Gagamel, Rema created a sassy diva persona. Her style choices have been in that line. She refuses to be cast in the mold of young female singers. While sometimes she falls short with her make up, we cannot fail to note that she has managed to become a force to reckon with in the style world.

4. Lillian Mbabazi


She has a very unique voice and has scored so highly this year. She has been part of Coke Studio Africa. We cannot forget that performance of Danger where she stunned in a red combo. Lillian’s attention to detail is quite unique. From her music videos where she taps leading local fashion designers to her stage performances. We want to be like her when we grow up (For real!)

5. Desire Luzinda


For a lady with curves that can make Khloe Kardashian envious to dress that appropriately for her  body is not easy. Desire is a real gem. From cut out dresses to lace, she has been the go to star for what is trending. The fact that she always flatters her curves is even better.  You can never go wrong with Desire. 

6. Grace Nakimera

grace nakimera

She remains one of the most hard working performers here. She puts her all in every aspect of her work. If you have been paying attention to her Miss Uganda performances, you must agree with me that her work ethic is beyond extra ordinary. What makes her stand out though is the ability to have a hand in her look from hair to the nails.

Her custom made stage outfits have inspired so many artistes to do a lot more than what they are already doing with their work. We have been running to her for beauty and hair  trends.




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