4 Things you will dislike about Juliana Kanyomozi’s song Woman

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Inspired by the power of womanhood, ‘Woman‘ is a declaration of independence, the kind that she has gained from with in. The song is adorned with meaningful lyrics describing a woman as a saviour and a warrior. The chorus is nothing but one word ‘woman‘ which is both fascinating and frustrating in equal measure. Every time she belts out “Woman”, she gains a considerable level of independence, breaks free and  later let’s go of the pain.

Simply put, this is the kind of song you are bound to listen to deeply to ruminate on every single word in the lyrics. Its beauty is embedded in the harmony of her voice. Sadly if you can’t get this deep, you won’t fall in love with the song.

It is riveting to hear her sound this soulful again. The song builds carrying you away with it. This is the point where you get off of your seat to sing along or in my case, raise your arms and let it all sink in. This doesn’t last long though, as the song ends right when you are getting the grip of its enthralling flow. Of course this means that you press replay. And again, and again, till you can listen no more.

The minimalism in the video is too much, it’s painful.  She wears  only one outfit (a white one by way) with subtle makeup and almost no accessories. White is associated with purity  and  it’s another manifestation of her breaking free. This is arguably the best part of the music video. The fruitless wait to see her change location or clothing is both intriguing and frustrating. She only appears in one other scene seated embracing her mother.

The long-sleeved white dress she wears is another interesting feature ingeniously tailored to flatter every inch of her body. The dress bears a long slit exposing a few inches of her left thigh  and an open back detail.

The other exciting part is where other powerful women such as the Queen Mother of Tooro Best Kemigisha and Hon. Rebecca Kadaga appear in the video visibly ruminating on the richness of the song.

If there’s anything more you will dislike about this song, it will be fact the that it’s awfully beautiful. Bravo Juliana!

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