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5 Halloween Costume Ideas Straight Off The Kampala Fashion Week Runway

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Kampala is celebrating Halloween with a slew of events in and an around the city, the main one being the Halloween Warehouse Party to take place at The Square Industrial area tonight. A Halloween party is incomplete without a costume, so we tapped the recently held Kampala Fashion Week for some costume ideas. Fashion Week is always a wealth of creative inspiration. Designers put all their creative efforts to work, even when they make clothes that are unwearable in the process. We’ve picked 5 looks off the Kampala Fashion Week runway that have perfect inspiration for your Halloween costume.

From dark goth makeup to gigantic headpieces presented by Bobbin & Seif, your Halloween costume inspiration starts right here.  Just add a mask and you’re good to go.




Morine Designs



Bobbin & Seif






Jose Hendo





Photo credit: Giulio Molfese

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