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5 things we don’t want to see on Ann Kansiime’s new show

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It’s not news anymore that our own funny girl Ann Kansiime will be taking her  YouTube success to Kenya’s Citizen TV. The new show dubbed ‘Don’t mess with Ann Kansiime will probably be debuting this month. You can watch the promo below.

We have to admit, that we are huge fans of the award winning queen of comedy. We have her entire collection of YouTube videos on our phones and laptops. It is in that regard that we are very excited to watch the new show. We have no idea what plot for the show is though. Here are 5 things we just don’t want to see on the show.

1. Old content from previous videos. Obviously she’s too creative to repeat her old skits. However local tabloids have continued to accuse comedians of recycling jokes. It’s nothing we expect to see.

2. Her being the villain while her man is always the victim. You have all noticed the young man who always stars alongside her in the YouTube videos. This man should at least once or twice make her look a fool too. It would be interesting looking at Ann Kansiime in that perplexed mode.

3. Her switching between English and Luganda. We want to see skits done in Swahili, French and Arabic. The Kenyan audience is far different from ours so a little twist won’t kill.

4. Acting like a 7 year old. As I said, it has to be a new show with a new plot. We don’t want to see the kid in her again. Somebody help explain to what has become of her kid’s show on Urban TV?

5. Her two people cast. Now that she’s on the big screen, let’s see less of skits where there just two people. We would like to see other faces. Popular figures or celebrities aren’t a bad idea.

Here below is the promo of the show

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