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7 essentials: King Shovon Malcom

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King Shovon Malcom presents the Jump Off on Hot 100 FM and Skizzy on Urban TV. The husky voiced presenter is the new face of evening TV thanks to his unique voice and hunky looks. He shared with us 7 things he cannot live without.

1. God

He is my provider. I can’t do without him.

2. Mom

She is the reason I’m what I am. She gave me life. I can’t do without her.

3. Baseball caps

That’s my signature fashion item. I can’t move out without one.

4. My woman

I treasure her so much. She has stood by me through thick and thin.

5. My Phone

With this phone I’m always connected.

6. Peace

I love being drama free.

7. My work

My job defines everything  I am. It should be the reason I’m doing this interview.

Catch King Shovon Malcom on Skizzy on Urban TV 6am to 7am week days

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