A Minimalistic Approach to Style

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Minimalism is one of the biggest fashion trends this season. In mainstream fashion, less has always been more. But with the huge resurgence of bold prints, stripes and statement details, more is fast becoming more. Minimalism can be defined as the intentional promotion of things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it. It’s not defined by what’s not there, but by the rightness of what is and the richness with which this is experienced. Minimalism can be applied in everything from art, architecture, music and style. With minimalism comes a sense of freedom, since you’re focusing on what’s most important.

In style, minimalism is all about having less, but making sure that it fits your aesthetic taste and lifestyle. This can be the number of items of clothing you own or the amount of detail on the clothing. We all agree that too much detail can be busy on the eyes, distracting you or your friends from actually appreciating the styling effort you’ve put in putting together your ensemble. If you would like to incorporate minimalism into your personal style, it’s imperative that you understand your personal style, and leave the rest of the clutter out.

Minimalism has a myriad of benefits. You spend a lot less on only things that will last. You also get to acquire an eclectic personal style, that’s all about basics. It’s more like looking chic on a really low budget.

What to consider as you dive right in
– Evolution – It doesn’t mean you should settle on one look and sticking to it for life. It’s about continuously defining and refining your style to suit your needs, because they’re bound to change with time.
– Simplicity – Focus on creating a small manageable wardrobe that perfectly suits your aesthetic and leave out those items that just fill your space.
– Function – This involves owning only items that optimally fit into your lifestyle, which you actually need.
– Quality over quantity – The fit, fabric, colours and cut of every piece you won should match your needs.
How to put your looks together
– Minimalism shouldn’t be boring. Some people think that no prints, no colour translates to ‘no fun’. Stick to striking styling tricks, such as draping your jacket over your shoulders, and let that be the center piece of your look.
– Little or no accessories. Everyone loves to accessorize, but have you ever taken time to notice the beauty of your looks without those accessories. Often times accessorize draw attention to themselves stealing attention from the rest of the look.
– A simple t-shirt and jeans is very simple, but can be the coolest thing on the ramp if worn with a bit of edge. For example folding your jeans a little bit to draw attention to your footwear does lots of magic.
Overall, minimalism is about dressing simple but chic. It might look simple at first glance, but there’s lots of things to examine upon closer inspection.

The article first originally appeared in Full Woman magazine/ Daily Monitor.

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