Are curvy women happier with their bodies?

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This is some good news for the ladies. A new study says that the women who wear larger sizes are happier than those who wear fitting sample sizes.  While stereotypes are fooling us, this studies actually says something different.

U.K. retailer conducted a survey of dress size and body confidence on 2,000 women and found that 74% of women who wear a British size 16 (U.S. size 12) are happy with their appearance, which is nearly double that of the 42% of women who wear a British 6 (U.S. 2).

Results show that women wearing larger sizes are more happy than their smaller sized sisters. Women a size 16 were happiest with themselves, as well as feeling more comfortable in their skin. What was even more interesting is that the study found that 52% of women who wear a British size 6 (U.S. size 2) would like to be curvier because they think curves are sexier. One in four women say that wearing a larger size would improve their body confidence.

The study results also showed that women sizes 14 – 18 have a more positive attitude when it comes to their appearance. The study also found that women admired curvy celebrities like Adele and Beyonce. Size does matter in terms of happiness. But not in the way you might think.

This comes at a time when women in Kampala aren’t embracing their curves anymore. They prefer to shed off their voluptuous shapes with the aim of looking good.

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