Consider this before you purchase clothes online

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Online Shopping is steadily becoming the easiest way to acquire clothing even when you are in your pajamas with a tooth brush in your mouth. It saves you the hustle and bustle involved in finding something you like from the countless boutiques in Kampala.

Local e-commerce sites that sell clothing include Kaymu, Jumia and Paple Rayn among others. These offer a wide range of products from men’s wear to women’s wear and accessories.

Of course the most important thing to note is the authenticity of the e-commerce site. The above three sites are very genuine. There are countless sites online though, so be very careful. There also people that sell online through platforms such as Tradelinks on Facebook. Make sure the seller is genuine before you consider transacting with them.

The fact that all these platforms use the cash on delivery system makes online transactions much secure. Don’t commit if you don’t like the product. And even when you do, don’t pay until you are satisfied.

Items always look perfect online, this is a marketing gimmick to make you click.  Pay a little more attention before you purchase. Ask as many questions as you can on colour and detail. Some of these sites have this information attached onto each products while others don’t.

The other really important factor is fit. It can be really treacherous to order a pair of shoes only to try them on and they don’t fit. Here is the way around this.

1. E-commerce sites that sell clothes always have a detailed sizing chart. This is a chart with all the different sizes of the clothes they sell in regards to the terms Small, Medium, Large or Extra large. The sites above don’t have this service but have the available size details attached to each product. Pay extra attention to the sizes because some are according to the UK sizing system while other are US.

2. Go to a professional tailor and have yourself measured. This saves the hustle a lot since most of us just assume we know the sizes we wear. You can’t afford to err online. Go to a tailor and get these measurements.

3. Ask as many questions as you can. These sites have customer care service teams that will help answer these questions. Ask about the comfort, fit and confirm if the colours detailed online are the ones in store.

4. Check the online store’s return policy and make sure that you understand and are comfortable with it. There is nothing worse than ordering something you really liked online only to receiving it with countless issues, and you can’t return it and get your money back.

It is critical to note that most of those items don’t look as good as they do online. Don’t get excited and purchase on a whim because they used a photo of Kim Kardashian in the dress. Wait to receive the product, try it on and look out for all the details that prompted you to make the purchase before you pay.

Enjoy your shopping experience!

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