D-Zaina on her fashion show this Thursday

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She’s one of the newest girls on the fashion block. Her designs are as eclectic as they are enigmatic. Her fashion show this Thursday at Cayenne is bound to break many fashion boundaries in Uganda. We talked to her on what is set to be the biggest ‘real fashion show’ on the Kampala.

Your show is on this week. How has it been putting it together?

It has been fun putting everything together; buying fabric and organizing the event. At first it was hard finding the right material but it got much easier when we walked downtown. Owino had everything we didn’t imagine we even needed.

Have you gotten all material from around Kampala?

Yes most of the fabric is from down here. With just a little incorporation of some fabric from London.

Are you showcasing a new collection or this will be a mix of everything D-Zaina and Alecool?

This is a new collection called ‘Colour Me Bluetiful’! Often when we are in London, we don’t see that much blue skyline like it is here in Kampala. I got this inspiration last year when I did a bit of traveling here in Uganda. The beauty is just mind blowing. The collection is not far from that too.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced putting the collection together?

My sewing machine has been giving me a lot of head ache. I’ve had to make a couple of rounds down in Kiyembe looking for new bulbs to replace what it has. I’ve learnt that electric bulbs here are very different. I borrowed a friend’s machine but it didn’t help much since she too needed to work with it.

at workD-Zaina at work

That is interesting. Do you really have to sit on the sewing machine yourself?

What did you expect?

I expect you to have people sewing and getting their hands dirty.

No way. I’m a hands on designer. I’m pretty much involved in every step of the process. It’s always fun to see it all come to life. I work with people but I get my hands dirty too.

at work 2Her previous collection

So what should we expect on Thursday?

We have created over 80 outfits. It’s going to be fun seeing them all. We hope to inspire everyone that has been or is planning to do this. It’s Alex’ first time to showcase in Uganda. We had to brainstorm a lot in order to make this happen. Just expect the best.

Are tickets still available? Where can one find them?

We have 4 ticket outlets. That is Shell Bugolobi, D-Zaina boutique, The Sound Cup and Cayenne. Standard tickets are 30,000 while VIP 50,000. Table bookings are done on request. They go for 300,000 and that is for 5 people.

Awesome indeed. We shall be there to see what is under your belt.

I just cannot wait. See you all at Cayenne on Thursday. We kick off at exactly 8pm.

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