Ellah on Her Beauty Rules And Why She Can’t Live Without Her Makeup Kit

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Ellah is everything every young woman wishes to be. Young, beautiful and smart. She’s a former beauty queen (Miss Uganda 2013), former BBA contestant, model, TV personality, style icon, brand ambassador and many other cool things. With such an enviable resume, comes the pressure to always look picture perfect, and to say she’s always picture perfect is an understatement. Let’s say she’s always selfie ready! But how does she make it work? We sat down with her to talk beauty, makeup and fitness.

The best beauty tip I’ve ever been given …

Hydrate. Water is vital when trying to keep a young and youthful skin.

My skincare routine is …

Cleanse, Tone after removing makeup, Moisturize the face and neck area. Drink water to keep your skin supple. And use a good body moisturizer as well. I use cucumber to combat dark circles around my eyes. I also include a fully body scrub once a month.

My hair care routine is …

I like to wear my hair in protective styles. I prefer weaves so my natural hair is always protected.

My signature scent is…

Narcisso by Narcisso Rodriguez

The skincare products I can’t live without… 

Makeup Remover 😂

The hair care products I swear by ….

Ruutos Hair Products. Based in South Africa. They are awesome for your hair.

The beauty tip I always share with my friends…

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

My makeup essentials are ….

All of it… Concealer, Foundation, Lip Liners, Lip stick etc. I basically don’t like it when my makeup bag is far away from me 😂😂😂

On health and fitness…

I do Jillian Micheal’s 30 Day shred! On My TV in the comfort of my living room. However for exercise to be effective, one has to eat right as well.

My beauty icon is …

Angella Bassett … She ages so gracefully.

Lipstick or Lip gloss?

Matte Lipstick any day.

Smoky eyes or red lipstick?

Red lipstick

Fully made up or No Makeup?

Fully Made up and baked to perfection!

How do you switch off and relax?

A glass of wine and a good movie.


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