Hellen Lukoma Shares All Her Beauty, Hair and Skincare hacks

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Hellen Lukoma sat down with us to share her hair and beaty hacks. She also shared her favourite products and advice.

On her hair routine

“I love my weaves. I take them out as often as two weeks, have my hair washed. Of course, my weaves are always human hair, your hair is always safe with those. I’m always drawn to long hair. I don’t even remember the last time I had short hair. I guess, long hair is exactly what works for my face shape.”

On the key to healthy skin

“Taking care of your skin is important. Start, by respecting your body – mind what you put in it. What you eat greatly affects your skin. Tone down on the alcohol, and take a lot of water. Also, going makeup free as often as possible. Lately, I love to wear no makeup at all. It’s liberating.”

Her favorite products

“My skin is very sensitive, I’ve been using local skincare products such as Samona for as long as I remember. I also use Vaseline.”

On her most treasured beauty advice

“Never ever bleach your skin. Your natural complexion will always find its way back, and trust me, it won’t come back pretty!”

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