Here is why you are having bad skin

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Annoying breakouts and dry patches got you down? You could be making serious beauty mistakes.

Mistake #1: You’re using the wrong pillowcase.

Yep, your pillowcase can age you! “Constant use of cotton pillowcases can cause creases on your face, and overtime these creases become wrinkles,” says Cosmopolitan beauty director Leigh Campbell. “Switch to silk satin pillowcases, which offer much more slip and less friction against the delicate skin on your face (especially around your eyes). Change your pillowcase every second day if you’re suffering breakouts; that thing is a warm, cosy breeding ground for bacteria!”

Mistake #2: You’re not getting enough sleep.

Need an excuse to sleep in, or turn in early? “The suggested eight hours isn’t just for our energy levels,” says Leigh. “Skin rejuvenates and repairs itself at night. If you miss out on valuable sleep, you’re not letting your skin fully recover from the day before. That’s why being tired shows so obviously on your face!”

Mistake #3: You’re using your products in the wrong order.

You might be taking the time to apply a serum and exfoliate, but when you do them in the wrong order it messes with your skin in a big way (and decreases the efficacy of the products). Dr. Spiller Biomimetics skin care expert, Sue Dann says there’s a logical order that should be followed:

Cleanse: “Cleanser removes make-up, grime, excess sebum etc. It should be a twice daily routine.”

Exfoliate: “It removes dead skin cells and cleans pores deeply. Exfoliation beads should not have any sharp edges that could cause micro-injuries in the skin. There is also a movement away from synthetic exfoliation mediums such as cut nylon because these particles do not degrade and have a serious effect on marine life. You should exfoliate once or twice a week.”

Tone: “Cleansing affects the pH of your skin. A good toner will quickly reestablish the correct, slightly acidic condition of the skin and aids penetration of a good oil-based moisturizer.”

Apply a mask: “They hydrate the skin deeply and supply valuable active ingredients. A good cream mask can be massaged into the skin. Clay masks, which are suitable for impure skins and are designed to have a drawing effect, need to be removed from the skin. Apply one every two or three weeks.”

Moisturise:  “Moisturiser should maintain levels of hydration in the skin without blocking the natural exchange of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapour with the environment. Even the best active ingredients won’t be able to develop their full benefits if the skin is dehydrated.”

Apply eye cream: “The skin around the eye area is particularly thin and fragile and has no sebaceous glands. Eye creams are therefore particularly light.”

Mistake #4: You’re always on the phone.

Consider it a playground for germs (much like the bottom of your handbag). “Using your speaker when in private is way better for your skin. Rubbing makeup and germs from your phone screen into your skin is a sure fire way to get spots,” says Leigh. “Wipe it down with an anti-bacterial wipe whenever you can.”

Mistake #5: You’re committing the cardinal beauty sin.

Going to bed with your makeup on? “This is a big no-no!” says Leigh. “As we know, skin regenerates at night – so leaving dirty old makeup on it will hinder that process. If you can’t cope with getting out of that warm bed, use a face wipe. But don’t make a habit of it! And always swipe on a night cream to feed your face while you catch ZZZs”. Remember, there’s a reason Kate Bosworth recently claimed she can count the times she’s gone to bed wearing her makeup on one hand.

Mistake #6: You’re popping pimples the wrong way.

If you want to get technical, it’s ‘draining a pimple’ not popping it. When a skincare expert drains them, they use a downward pressure on either side of the pimple. Picture the last time you had a monster zit – we’re guessing you went at it from all angles and weren’t happy until it was busted? That kind of behaviour can actually cause a worse infection, and expand your pores. Try to resist (or do it the proper way if you’re desperate).

 Mistake #7: You’re wasting all the good stuff.

Products in jars might look pretty on your bathroom counter, but every time you open them and plunge your fingers inside, you’re damaging the product. “If you can, opt for products in tubes wherever possible,” says Leigh. “Sunlight breaks down the good stuff in your potions, meaning every time you open a jar, you’re compromising what’s inside. Fingers can also carry germs and bacteria, making jars rather unhygienic.”

Mistake #8: Your skin is OD’ing on products.

Haven’t settled on the perfect beauty routine, so you’re trying a pick ‘n’ mix? You could be overdoing it, and in turn overwhelming your delicate skin. If it feels sensitive, red or flaky all of a sudden, there are probably too many active ingredients trying to get their job done. Switch up for sensitive or gentle products and lay off the masks and serums for a while.

Mistake #9: Your cleanser is messing with your skin.

That tight skin feeling may feel like you’ve cleansed properly, but you’ve actually stripped your skin off essential, natural oils. “If you have oily skin the natural reaction would be to use a powerful cleanser to strip the oil out of the skin. The skin’s natural protective layer is destroyed in this process,” says Sue. Add an oil-free moisturizer and your skin freaks out, and starts producing excess oil to rehydrate. “We need to understand that our skin must hold healthy levels of hydration, and the substance that enables the skin to do that is ‘good oils’,” adds Sue. Choose a gentle milky cleanser during winter, and if you’re feeling ‘oily’, a gentle cleansing oil might just be your new favourite thing.

Source: Cosmo Australia

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