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How Desire Luzinda was treated unfairly because she’s a woman

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Popular singer Desire Luzinda’s past two weeks have been really eventful. First she battled with a heavily publicized court case over debts and before the dust could settle, another bomb went off. Nude photos of her that were leaked online became the talk of town. It should be noted that these photos were leaked by her disgruntled ex-lover.

Whilst all this was sparked off by her Nigerian lover, everything that has happened to Desire Luzinda these past few days stem from the fact that she’s a woman. It is sickening how women are treated  and this must explain why there are countless feminist movements sprouting. This is not enough though. If we don’t get more women in Uganda that think ‘feminism’ then things such as this won’t stop. Why should people only take pride in bullying women?

First of all. Desire takes nude photos for her man but sees no need to ask him to take these photos as well. How many men have agreed to or even thought about taking nude photos for their women? Don’t they think women too have desires to look at then in the nude when they are away?

Secondly, this man knew that the best way to disgrace her (a woman) was to share her nakedness with the world. To show the world how perverted she was yet he had asked her to take them (or photographed her himself). We were so quick to call her names yet her man (a man) was the root of this evil.

Thirdly, how many women have opted to disgrace their men in such a way? How many women have leaked their men’s nude photos? Is this because women are careful and men careless?

If it had been a famous male celebrity in this situation, here are the things that would have happened.
1. No man would have shared another man’s nude photo on social media.
2. No man would have made fun of this man in anyway but a few murmurs of ‘he’s careless’!
3. Women would have enjoyed looking at this man naked. Of course this means showering him with compliments. His celebrity status would later be elevated.
4. The media would have given this kind of story little or no attention. Well because most news editors are men and they wouldn’t want to see this happen to their own.

On the flip side, this is what happened to Desire Luzinda.
1. Women castigated her for being so perverted. For being so careless with her body. (It is thought that when nude photos of you leak, you have slept with countless men). For disgracing womanhood. And a bunch of other despicable things.
2. Everyone (men and women) made fun of her. They shared her nudity all over social media like it was funny looking at a naked woman.
3. This story received a huge quantity of media coverage.
4. She has been disgraced, ashamed and to make matters worse, one Minister asked that she gets ‘arrested and isolated’!
5. Men enjoyed zooming into her nakedness. Some went greater lengths of curating a challenge out of her hugely embarrassing photos.
6. She’s now considered a living shame. She has no class; a harlot and no man sees value in taking her on as a wife. If she went to a market to buy groceries, fellow women would shun her as they cannot associate with ‘such an evil woman’!

Let me ask – What did she do wrong? Submitting to her man’s crazy desires? Trusting this man wholeheartedly? Posing provocatively for him? No way – every woman does all the above. Those who are more adventurous actually  keep their marriages in one piece for much longer. It is a fact that we all pretend to not know. No man wants a boring woman for a partner!!! Do you notice how unfairly women are treated because they are women?
When a woman sleeps with a man for material gains, she’s a slut. When a man does so he’s a champion.

We must note that we live in a rotten generation . A generation that considers ‘nude photos’ evil but shares them in newspapers and news platforms online when they leak.
With all that said, I want to declare that it is women who have failed themselves. Why would you a woman share another woman’s nudity on social media? Is this something you should take pride in? Well her parts might be bigger than yours but that doesn’t call for the madness. If anyone is perverted it is YOU.

Instead of seeing women ranting about hair weaves and ‘beer prices’, this is what should happen.
1. More women should open up blogs, websites and newspapers to counter this bad energy coming from platforms run by men.
2. ONLY send a man your nude photo after he has sent you his. And he must show his lustful eyes and face in the images.
3. When such things happen, don’t share these photos. Ignore them. That is the only way you will save the situation.
4. More feminist movements pushing for equal treatment of women just as men should start.
5. Stand up and say NO to this kind of treatment.

This world is going to be a better place for me and you if we have women who say no to this kind of treatment. And to the men, every woman is a potential wife, mother, sister and grandmother. Let us respect them ‘and their bodies’. Even when things get out of hand.
And the press, please focus more on empowering stories, key issues such as Ebola, unemployment rather than people’s nudity. When you give such stories center spread coverage, these inhumane people are going to get motivation to keep leaking them. You have the power to steer people’s thoughts and discussions.

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