How To Be The Life of The Party

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There’re few people whose faces (and fabulous dresses) are always the center of attention at every cool party in town. Many of these aren’t even celebrities, but somehow their names are always on the guest list of all the exclusive events in town. Do you know why? Simple, they know how to party. We have a few tips here that can help you change your party status from socially awkward to social butterfly.

Wear a fabulous outfit

Walk out in a show stopping outfit. If you can find out what your friends are wearing prior, do, and maintain the theme. You don’t want to look out of place, when overdressed.

Hands off your hair

Get your hands off your hair. This makes you look very uncomfortable, and socially awkward. Your arms are really important here, hold your drink and enjoy your evening. Many people opt to get busy on the phone, checking it every other minute. This is a total turn off, no one wants to be around someone who is attending to other people on their phone.

Smile and smile even more

Don’t stop smiling. There’s something about smiling, people can tell when you’re faking it. A genuine smile is very inviting, believe me everyone will want to be around you.

Show off just a little bit of skin

Show off a bit of skin especially the shoulders (The off-the shoulder trend will save you the hustle). This works like magic. It’s not only sexy, it also gives you a bit of confidence (because you’re looking good!). When choosing what wear, opt for something that you’re comfortable in. Constantly pulling your dress down or adjusting your top makes for an awkward sight, and the discomfort will show on the face.

Take the center spot

When you walk in with your friends, make sure to take the center spot. This will make you stand out, your cool outfit and smile will stand out too.

Have fun

It is a party. Have fun. Keep the phone away. Take it out only when you’re taking photos or when taking someone’s contact.

Be friendly

Be as friendly as possible. Greet everyone in your circle with a smile even when you don’t know them. Socialize, make contacts. Introduce your friends to your friends’ friends. Everyone will want you to be at their party.

Always be up for a selfie

Take selfies. As many as possible. You know everyone in the room is watching, you should look as good taking the selfie as you’re in the selfie its self.

Dance the night away

Everyone wants to be around a fun person. One who will lead them to the dance floor with no hesitation. Be that person. And, if you like the song playing, don’t pull those awkward dance moves as if you’re sure you don’t like it. Dance away comfortably, shortly a few friends will gather some confidence to join you and before you know, everyone will be up dancing.

Know when to arrive and leave

There’s something called being ‘fashionably late’! And it is very fashionable. Walk in an hour or so late, when the party has kicked off. You know how Kampala parties start hours late! And, before you leave, gauge the audience. Too early means missing out on some fun, yet too late means you’ve overstayed your welcome. This also helps if you aren’t sure how you’ll head home. Leave early and sort your ‘transport drama’ outside when there’re few people staring at you.

Which tips are you adding onto your arsenal of tricks? Sound off in the message box below.

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