How to Wear Denim on Denim Now

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There’s something about Denim-on-denim that’s making it one of the coolest fashion trends right now. Going against all the rules of fashion has never been so fun. Indeed less isn’t more, when you have to pair two different pieces of denim together to make your look super cool. Being one of the most in demand style trend, new ways to style it are cropping up every day. This makes what they say about denim true – it’s really here to stay.

You can now style more than two denim pieces together. To make this even more exciting, styling a denim-on-denim work outfit is now possible too. When you give this even more thought, you realize that you can now literally wear denim head to toe.


How to style
1. Layer in separates
Trying denim on denim for a beginner is super easy, you don’t have to go all in at once. Layer in simple separates like a white tank top and brown belt to make the look more interesting.
2. For a work wear look
Tuck a chambray shirt into a denim skirt, and layer a coat over your shoulders for that unique office look. Finish it up with a pair of pointy toe heels.
3. Style different shades of blue together
Lighter shades of denim draw attention to the body parts they cover, while darker washes create a slimming effect. This obviously means that dark denim jeans, and a lighter denim jacket or shirt is the way to go.
4. Denim on denim with denim
This might not the most functional way to wear denim considering the weather here in Uganda. Wear a pair of denim jeans with a denim shirt in a lighter shade and softer fabric, and layer a denim jacket over the look. The trick here is to balance the shades.
5. Add fun and mystery to it
Wear a fedora hat, or a layer a blazer over your shoulders to make your denim on denim look even more interesting.

Denim on denim rules
• Don’t wear denim pieces together that are of the same weight and wash. You don’t wasn’t to be the match matchy type.
• Do distressed/ ripped denim. Something about distressed denim (ripped jean shorts or jeans) just lends itself well to the denim on denim look. So don’t be afraid to rip away.
• Don’t be afraid to elevate your outfit with statement items such as statement heels, a tuxedo blazer, or a fabulous ombre lip.

This article first originally appeared in Full Woman Magazine/Saturday Monitor.

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