Jackie Chandiru is Back Like She Never Left

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Stop whatever you’re doing! The queen of the Nile, Jackie Chandiru is back! The singer who has been off the scene for a while, has finally dropped a new music video. The video accompanies a song titled Ntijisa which she did with Mesach Semakula last year. Ntijisa is a love song about a couple declaring love for each other.

In the video, the singer looks fresh, beautiful and sexy. Like she never left!  In an interview with Sqoop magazine on Friday, she shared that she has a number songs lined up, including a collaboration with Jose Chameleone. We obviously can’t wait for this one.  See some excerpts from the interview with the magazine where she talked about her life in the recovery facility, her music career and marriage.

About her relationship with Mesach and music promoter Balaam

“Mesach and Balaam have been good friends of mine since I first started in Blu*3, what they did was put me in the hands of a discreet medical team of surgeons and physicians as many before them were just divulging my medical information, just like some police peeps.”

On whether she was addicted to pathedine

“Yes, it was prescribed for me for constant chest and back pain, I would not put myself in an addict category because that means that one cannot literally live without a specific substance. If I were that, I would be dead by now. I took my medicines whenever the pain would be unbearable. The only problem was that the pain was becoming constant, especially at night. I would often sleep on the floor to ease the pain.

On her experience in hospital

“Hospital hardened me a lot; the emotional damage I got there just hearing rumours was way beyond. A lot was written about me, 80 percent false. My husband, my family and I faced these shameful stories quietly for months but I thank God I healed and got a second chance, that is why I came out harder , stronger and different.”

On her marriage

Yeah, I read about that too. My husband and I were very upset! I was raised not just as any woman, but as one who keeps the principles of marriage. If it was not about privacy, I would show you all the messages my husband and I exchanged throughout this time and you would see that we have never divorced.”

On her music career

“Definitely, I am still the singer you knew and with my husband’s permission I will continue doing just that. You will be hearing something new from me this week, starting with a song I did with Chameleone, called Discover Me (Adule).

Head over to Sqoop Magazine and read the interview.

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