Judith Heard Celebrates Her 30th Birthday Stylishly with Ahumuza Brian, Phionah Bizzu, Sheilah Gashumba & More

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Judith Heard celebrated her birthday over the weekend with a very stylish party. The theme was ‘All Black Everything’, and her stylish friends brought their A game forward. Lingerie model Asma Uwase, Chuck Brian Salvator, Zipper Atafo, Phionah Bizzu, Sheilah Gashumba, Ahumuza Brian and Daniella Mayanja among others were present.

See photos.

jh (1)

jh (2)

jh (3)

The Gucci cake

jh (4)

Phionah Bizzu & pals


Peter Russel, Phionah Bizzu & pals

Judith Heard  (1)

Asma Uwase & Ahumuza Brian

Judith Heard  (2)

Ready to cut her Gucci cake

Judith Heard  (3)

Chuck Brian Salvator, Zipper Atafo & the birthday girl having a light moment

Judith Heard  (4)

Vivian Bahati & Ahumuza Brian

Judith Heard  (5)

We can’t stop staring at Judith Heard’s dress!

Judith Heard  (6)

Nince Henry

Judith Heard  (7)

Ahumuza Brian

Judith Heard  (8)

Judith Heard, Asma Uwase & Daniella Mayanja

Judith Heard  (9)

Sheilah Gashumba


Photo credit: Instagram

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