Kasule Raphael Took Glamorous Mischief To a new level at his Paple Rayn Couture Show presentation

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Fashion is constantly changing, and to stay on top you must be as dynamic and creative as the industry its self. Kasule Raphael of the K-Rafael brand proved he’s just as creative and dynamic to stay on top at his Paple Rayn Couture show presentation last weekend. First, he opened his collection with a male model riding a hover board.

The genius use of glamorous mischief with models wearing masks and leather fabrics (which are usually shunned by African designers), made the collection just as enthralling to watch, as it was wearable. If you’re the daring type with an eye for interesting detail, this collection is for you. Some of the pieces, we have to agree are a tad costumey, but what are music videos for? What are red carpet events for? Look no farther than this collection. The playful vibe the gender-less jackets come with is just exceptional.

See the collection below

K Rafael (2)

K Rafael (1)

K Rafael (3)

K Rafael (4)

K Rafael (5)

K Rafael (7)

K Rafael (9)

K Rafael (10)

K Rafael (11)

K Rafael (12)

K Rafael (13)

K Rafael (15)

K Rafael (16)


Photo credit: Giulio Molfese

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