Mercy Adrea on hair trends and bleaching eyebrows

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Our friend Mercy Adrea is back on the streets of Dublin to do what she always loves to do. Between shooting photos and modeling she talked to us about hair trends and makeup

What makeup rules do you always live by?

One should have a skin care regimen  they follow that works for them. Forexample exfoliate everyday or once a week. Always remove makeup before bed. Wash your makeup kit brushes.

Makeup has to be right. Get the right tone for your skin or mix two shades together. Know whether you have oily or dry skin such that you buy the right foundation and powder. Do not overly exaggerate makeup it looks silly. Especially the eyebrows.


Mercy Adrea

What is your take on the new trend of bleaching eye brows?

It is good for runway, brings out the theme of the event specially high fashion runways. Away from that it’s a total No. You’ll look ridiculous walking in for a meeting with blue or blonde eyebrows unless your work is designated in the field of fashion or beauty.

What are some of the new hair trends to try right now?

Personally, I don’t follow hair style trends but I’m seeing everyone go for the Afro with big curls and I think its gorgeous. Ombre is still trending.


What is the best way to manage weaves? It gets very complicated.

There’s nothing worse than a weave that’s unkempt. Matted hair with visible new growth and tracks will definitely get you a side eye. Firstly, go to someone who knows what they are doing and shop around for good hair it will be costly but worth it. Keep it smelling good by shampooing it and using hair sprays that are recommended for the type of hair you bought. Conditioner helps too and always comb or brush it before bed then wrap it up well its easy to handle the next morning.

Mercy is a Ugandan student in Dublin Ireland.


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