Mosha Danze gives Rated Next the oomph it truly deserves

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Did you watch Cocacola Rated Next last evening? If you did you must agree with me that it was a much better show. It was energetic exciting glamorous and a lot more engaging. Mosha Danze who hosts Skizzy and Fashionista brought with him his rare charm and dapper swagger onto the show.

Mosha 2

Mosha was every bit dapper

Thanks to his appearance last night my review today has totally been altered. I was planning on begging the show producers to introduce a female co host for Denzel. Denzel is a great host, very entertaining and has mastered his craft. However a little bit of change doesn’t hurt. I believe if ratings are anything to  follow then the show scored highly last night. We only hope that Mosha stays longer than just sitting in for Denzel.

That said, I won’t rule out the fact that we want to see  a female host on that stage. Urban TV has a slew of young hip pretty presenters whose urban charm could make it even more exciting. Maybe a celebrity host too – just saying! I’m dreaming too much I guess.

Talking about change, Siima was absent last night. ‘Danger’ singer and Blu3’s Lillian Mbabazi was tapped to take on the role of guest judge. Her fierce make up was the highlight of the evening. We couldn’t get our eyes off her.

The contestants took some fashion changes which was both. Of course some of them left us underwhelmed. I was totally disappointed in Lillian Apio. Her rendition of Agassi was not as bad as her fashion. Her boots watered down her swagger. Sharifa who looked elegant last weekend in a black gown showed up in black lace leggings last night. Lillian Nabuuma fell short of the glamour we know her for. It was not surprising that the three were booted out even when Sharifa had strongly improved.


Lillian’s awkward outfit didn’t save her performance. She was booted out as well!

There’s nothing to write home about the boys. Eseri looked radiant. She looked like she got her own stylist who apparently knew what works for her. However I still didn’t find her as charming vocally as the judges deliberated. I love her but she’s yet to excite me musically.

My best contestant was Hudson who gave us a unique rendition of Radio and Weasel’s Nakudata. I felt that he gave it a unique twist unlike some other contestants who strive to sing just like the original singer of the cover they are doing. Unfortunately he was put on probation for this. And Eseri was showered with compliments! That explains why I’m not a music critic!

At the end of the pompous evening, Pages, Ruth Grace and Hudson had been put on probation. You can save them by voting via SMS. Type Vote leave a space, type the contestant’s number and send to 8338. You should also vote Mosha Danze for Buzz Teeniez Awards as the Best TV personality. Visit to support him.

Cocacola Rated Next airs live  on Urban TV 7pm every Sunday.

Photo credit: Urban TV Facebook page

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