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My 4 year old romance with dread locks

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On June 16 my locks and I celebrated four years of mostly patience, care, hard work, achievement, resilience, love, and all that hardship that comes with taking care of dreadlocks. It’s not easy maintaining healthy looking dreadlocks in Kampala considering the stigma that comes with it.

Many people think this is the hair for Ganja men, Rastafarians and all those people with hideous rapports. Here I share with you how I’ve managed to keep the hair in good shape for such a long time and in such a hot dusty city.

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1. How have you managed to keep your hair for that long?

Well its simple I wash and twist it. I also keep it well oiled. You should be patient because hair grows slowly but steadily.

2. How do you take care of it?
Let me see. I wash it every two weeks or whenever I feel like it. I use Royal Bees Wax to twist it. Sometimes I use Hair Spritz Hold in case Ive styled it but usually I just hold it up in a nice ponytail and let it dry naturally.
I never visit the salon and I have never gone to any salon to get it fixed. All this is done in the comfort of my bathroom.

3. You recently bleached your hair?
Yes. That was last year. I was torn between cutting it and bleaching it with hair color. But it was such a difficult time. People take hair changes way to seriously.  Some thought I was troubled, others thought I was being rebellious yet I was just experimenting. Their reactions were appalling. Some loved it and a good number hated it. The color just had to go and it took me another 4 months to get my black hair back.

However I’m very adventurous with my hair. I might be doing red or purple next time.


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