My Style: Doreen Faith – Day 2

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Meet Doreen Faith, our style star this week.  She’s a Ugandan fashion designer and personal style blogger living and working in the UK. She’s not new to the pages of this site, however every time she features it’s always like the first. Check back everyday to see her most stylish looks.

“I describe my style as; daring, unique and personal, it’s always about me and my attitude, my whole persona is always represented in what I wear. 

I will admire a celebrity and pay homage to their style but I am never in a position where I wish to dress like them or go out there and buy what they’re wearing. I’ve never been a fashion slave, I am someone who likes to experiment with clothes to see what goes with what. 

This was my birthday treat, the gate away look, I wore this in Vienna in December 2016. I know this is gonna sound cliche but its actually my favourite look to date. I remember prior to flying away doing a lot of experimenting  and putting pieces that would work well together with the dress. I had bought the dress in the summer and it had been hanging in my closet waiting for an event to wear it to.

This look is ‘Moscow’ inspired adorned with a fur hat, gloves and tights. The gloves were initially supposed to be leather but when I purchased the velvet coat I somehow changed my mind and opted for velvet ones from Halfords who make wonderful hosiery.

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