My Style: Lynda Ddane Uwamahoro – Day 5

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Meet Lynda Ddane Uwamahoro, our style star this week. She’s a TV host and media personality currently working with UBC TV.

My personal style in a few words is “comfortable, daring and flamboyant “. Black is my favorite color as it somewhat sneaks its way into everything I wear. However, I still love to play with colour in my outfit choices better than a preschooler does with their crayons. This is what fascinates me about African print. The colour galore is breathtaking.

I do not have an exact shopping spot. I buy different things from different places and many times I tweak them to suit me and my character. Like adding cut outs or prints to make them different from the usual because I find normal a bit boring.
Style icons … I’d pick Rihanna because I’m always drawn to her fashion sense. Her character and mine are not so different. If you asked me for another, I would pick Meagan Good because I just have a crush on her.
I work with different photographers like Mujumbura Oneal, Fred Bugembe, Daville of Multiways Photography and Benie Popie among others. They are all super talented but with totally different points of view.

Black is my favorite colour. I can’t say why, but the heart wants what it wants. I adore it so much, probably because it is one of the easiest colours to accessorize.. 

I think this jumpsuit is a must have, because it can be worn in more ways than one. Add a blazer over it, and voila – a formal outfit. Leave the cut outs out and voila – you have yourself a ‘night out’ outfit. Add a floral belt, a sun hat and you are ready for a picnic or any other outdoor event. Wear it as a standalone like I did, and you’re ready to have fun!

Same piece, perfect for different settings. That’s the versatility of this jumpsuit. #Rocking

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