My Style: Sheila Lukwanzi – Day 5

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Ramathan Kareem to all our muslim readers. This week is a tad special, as our style star is a Hijabista. Meet Sheila Lukwanzi!

I’m Sheila Lukwanzi. I’m the head designer and creative director at Lukwanzi, a design label I founded. Lukwanzi is all about modesty and elegance merged in one. I’m also head designer of Haute Uganda Limited, a company that manufactures corporate uniforms and industrial garments.

I describe my personal style as ‘urban trendy’. As a trend analyst, I’m aware of trends in the various markets, and if I find anything that compliments modesty, I go with that. However at times am at crossroads and I create my own style.

The LUKWANZI woman is trendy, she is artistic with an urban lifestyle but desires to remain elegant. Honestly, I want to be her. Modesty to me is a feeling. It’s a lifestyle, it’s a behaviour. If one feels comfortable in what they are wearing, respect that.

I don’t have specific stores that I shop from. It’s of recent that I started wearing some outfits from LUKWANZI. I mix and match them with other pieces from other stores. My style icon is Sheikha Moza. She is effortlessly elegant. I also like Victoria Beckham a lot. She is daring.

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Check out her website to see her designs here.

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