(Photos): See All The Couples We Spotted At The 2017 Young Achievers Awards Gala

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You’ve seen Sheebah’s bold fashion statement, Brenda Maraka’s gorgeous gown, the best dressed ladies and now we share all the stylish couples we spotted at the Young Achievers awards gala which held last Saturday. Love was in the air, as we had to literally beg some of these couples to pose as individuals as they couldn’t get their hands off each other. Some aren’t couples, but they looked really good together.

Also included, are some of the group shots.

Choose your favourite couple.

Aly and Sylvia Alybhai


Emolsa Hasacha and Phiona Bizzu


Malaika Nnyanzi and Mushema Housen


Sham Tyra and Ivan Kakulu


Cathy Luna and Kaijuka Abbas


Canary Mugume and Sasha Ferguson













The groups


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Photo credit: Hanny Photography

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