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Rock And Rose: Lamic Kirabo in Gloria Wavamunno

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“I have a really good feeling about print this year, floral prints to be exact, but not the usual floral prints on flirty dresses and cute blouses, floral prints done with a twist. Offbeat Victorian ruffles, edgy cuts, and prints on unexpected fabrics and clothing, redefining the soft spoken, cute floral print as bold, badass and cool. Maybe it’s my love for flowers finally consuming everything…even my poor wardrobe lol, but I’m all for bringing back big and bold floral.

This super versatile dress is one example of floral done right, it’s an example of how the combination of pink and floral on the same fabric can be powerful and badass without losing its delicate nature, just add some lace ties and an oversized choker.”





Photographed by Jonathan Jab (@jonathanjab87)

Check out Lamic’s blog Third Local here .

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