Sharon O on sleeping with makeup and skin lightening

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Sharon O is the proprietor of Blue Ice bar in Naalya. She shared with us some of her beauty secrets.

What do you do for your skin? It’s been looking amazing over the years.

I do simple basic things. I have facials. Eat fruits. Drink warm water in the morning and I smile a lot. Since I’m an artiste, my schedule is always tight. From video shoots to red carpet appearances and photo shoots. I have what they call a makeup seal. I put it on first before I apply makeup. I put it on immediately after moisturizing.

This helps to prevent the makeup from getting deep into the skin.

Does that mean you go to bed with makeup on?

I’m one person that goes to bed with makeup on. I know this is a beauty taboo. My schedules are too tight sometimes. However with the makeup seal, everything is covered.

Have you ever had bad skin? How did you deal with it?

Of course. Every girl gets pimples. Especially when it’s that time of the month.

Some ladies have confessed to me that they’ve never had pimples.

Those are the lucky ones. It’s not advisable to press them though otherwise they turn out as black spots. Now imagine me with those black spots all over.

What else do you do?

I steam a lot during that time when the skin isn’t as flawless. My skin is really sensitive and complicated. I have to work even harder on it during that time to keep it in shape. Otherwise that’s the time you will bump into me and get frightened. lol

Have you ever lightened your skin?

What?!!! Never.

How about your hair? What is your secret weapon?

My trick is to try different looks. It’s the best way to keep people from noticing your hair flaws. My hair maintenance is on the high end. I have a special hair dresser who handles my hair. What sells for me is my image so I invest a lot of my income in keeping my hair and skin looking their best.

What beauty advice do you have for the ladies out there with your skin tone and heritage?

Image is everything for us women. You should learn to look after your skin. It’s really not about money. Just simple things like eating and drinking right. Using sun protection lotions also helps a lot for women with my skin tone. Visit a dermatologist once in a while but the rest is basic, you can even do them from home.

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