Sheebah’s ‘Kisasi Kimu’ Is An Epic Fashion Film

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Sheebah debuted the music video for her new song ‘Kisasi Kimu’ at a swanky party held at Guvnor last Friday. Just like all her past works, it was a hugely anticipated, fans and music lovers have had to endure months and weeks of waiting. Well, the new project was unveiled in pomp and colour, and we must admit it was worth the wait.

The video (which we prefer to refer to as a fashion film) follows the singer who heads to an unknown destination to join her camouflage clad troops in celebration after winning a battle against their enemies. Everyone on set is wearing a camouflage ensemble, we are talking jackets, vests, booty shorts and many more. The ladies wear just bits of camouflage in open jackets, shorts and low cut tops, showing off sexy abs, accessories and interesting hairdos. We really want to know the stylist behind this epic film.



The standout piece from the film is Sheebah’s floor long robe. The intricate detail, which we couldn’t quite figure out, meticulously adorned onto the piece will leave you in awe. Who designed this piece? We really want to know.

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