Style On Screen: 7 Insanely Stylish TV Shows To Watch For Sartorial Delight

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From the fashion-filled Ghanaian web series An African City to Fox hit show Scream Queens where Chanel is worn to class, TV shows have become the platform where fashion and great style meet for our viewing pleasure. Fashion is a huge element of these shows, it’s rare to not a pick one or two styling tricks when you watch. What’s most interesting is,  some of these shows were shot as far back as 2006, but watching them now doesn’t fail to give you style goals.
Here are 7 TV shows we are constantly watching (and re-watching) for sartorial delight!
1. Scandal
Scandal is an American thriller that follows the life of Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington), a crisis manager and her staff as they try to keep the dirty business at the White House out of the public eye. What takes center stage though, is Olivia Pope’s style game. Call it understated luxe elegance. This show, and Olivia Pope’s style inspired the making of a clothing a line.
2. Empire
Empire was one of the highest-rated new series on television when it debuted on Fox last year. This is thanks in part to the on-screen fashion, and also its captivating plot. Cookie Lyon wears everything from Gucci, Balmain to Moschino and Lanvin. Her fashion is so fierce, American designer Alexander Wang has been dressing Taraji P. Henson in custom made outfits on the red carpet to channel Cookie’s insane style off-screen.
3. Ugly Betty
There’s no show TV show that gives an insider’s look into what’s like working in the fashion publishing world. If you’ve watched The Devil Wears Prada, you’ll most definitely fall in love with Wilhelmina Slater, the creative director of Mode Magazine who is willing to do anything in order to move her name up the masthead to the title of editor-in-chief. Betty Suarez, the main character loves her mismatched outfits, Amanda is just a receptionist but her insane wardrobe is nothing close to her job title, Mark St. James’s wardrobe is everything while Wilhelmina Slater’s style is the epitome of ‘power dressing’. The outfits worn on this show are just as cool now as they were back then when show first aired.
4. Glee
Glee is not your average teen TV show. There’s lots of music and great fashion. Sue Sylvester, the tough cheer leaders’ team coach wears Adidas tracksuits everywhere, even to her wedding where she marries herself. Rachel Berry loves her mini kilts, cable knit jumpers and long socks. Need I forget Kurt? The fashion-obsessed boy who wears the latest Tom Ford jackets to school. Honestly, who at that age can afford the latest brands fresh off the runway? Personal style of the characters aside, the costumes the kids wear as they perform is another big fashion story.
5. Single Ladies
Single Ladies is an American drama series that follows the lives and relationships of three friends. The stars of series bring the heat with their high fashion outfits in every single scene. Val, Keisha, April and later Raquel wear their mix of cocktail dresses and modern separates all matched like they are shooting for Vogue.
6. Scream Queens
Whether they are running away from the Red devil or actually going to class, the girls on this Fox TV show always look fierce. When the ruling class of Kappa Kappa Tau is comprised of girls all named Chanel, it’s a no-brainer that they are going to bring their style A-game.
7. An African City
Dubbed by CNN and BBC as Africa’s answer to ‘Sex and the City’, this exciting web series follows five beautiful, successful Ghanaian women as they return to their home country and as they confide in one another about love and life in the African City of Accra. The insanely stylish cast wears off the runway couture outfits by African designers at work, at home and even at a girl’s night out. This series has received so much attention, with reviews from Vogue, French Elle and Marie Claire magazine. The first season alone, has drawn the attention of more than 3 million YouTube viewers. The second, which aired on the fee-based video platform VHX made $20,000 in its first month. The makers of ‘An African City’ are currently working on a new show ‘The Republic’ which stars award-winning Ghanaian actress Joselyn Dumas, and will most probably debut on Netflix soon. Did I forget to mention that these shows are filmed in Accra Ghana, and one of Maurice Kirya’s songs is a soundtrack to the very first episode of An African City? Check it out here.

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