The five most stylish Ugandan women

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Here is a list that I compiled a couple of weeks ago of top 5 stylish Ugandan women in the world.

1. Kc Cassie & Monica Unique
If you’re a Ugandan living in the Diaspora you should know who these two former BFFs are. KC Cassie is the owner of PoshbyKc and Monica Unique is the founder of (Keith Heart Foundation) are true fashion mavens. Besides having similar style, Cassie and Monica are always the first to be spotted wearing the latest fashion trends within the Ugandan community. Think of Rita Ora and Rihanna walking down the same street, fashion-wise.


Monic Unique


KC Cassie

2. Jennifer Musisi
For a politically challenged country like Uganda to have a woman in a powerful role it still amazes me up to this day, and Jennifer Musisi the CEO of Kampala City Council is the woman I am referring to. When she makes news, most the time people think she’s in the wrong. So I question myself, what’s politics in Uganda without bureaucracy and infringement of human rights. Jennifer has tried her best to fight for what she believes in and has stood the test of time. She has done really well for herself; I think she’s role model worthy. Most of her male peers would cut her neck off just to be in her position. Generally women in politics don’t tend to dress very well although I think Jennifer Musisi’s style is acceptable to a sartorially political standard. Her style exudes classic, simple and dignified characters.


Jennifer Musisi

3. Dr. Maggie Kigozi

She is a former CEO for UAA (Uganda Revenues Authority), a truly an accomplished businesswoman, very successful yet modest, you would think she has nothing going on for her. Besides my mother and elder sister, Dr. Maggie is the only Ugandan woman I look up to ,she’s such a perfect role model and I think all young girls and women alike in Uganda / Africa should look up to her. I normally bump into Dr. Maggie. Kigozi aka Navio’s mom, (she laughs when I call her that) at some events when am in Uganda and she’s always poised. I was surprised when I saw her in a “peplum dress”, for a Ugandan woman of her age I think she’s quite style conscious and dresses appropriate for every occasion. She certainly deserves a place on this list!


Dr, Maggie Kigozi

4. Sylvia Naginda
She’s the matriarch of the Buganda kingdom but it’s disappointing to see that the Buganda queen doesn’t actually set any fashion trends. Sylvia is always seen in traditional wear even where unnecessary. So I Wonder whether being a royal in Uganda comes with clothes restrictions. I think her royal highness can still uphold her cultural values if that’s what concern her the most and wear normal clothes. Nevertheless she does have some cool gomesi gowns and always portrays herself with modesty and decency. The main reason she’s on this list is because of the Chanel bag she’s holding in this picture. She seems to have an eye for designer brands; I reckon this is probably the only authentic Chanel bag in whole of Uganda.


The Nabagereka

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