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TPFUganda final 17: A story of tears and The Voice

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Last weekend was not all glamorous as we always roll here at Satisfashion UG, it was a totally different story at The Sheraton Kampala Hotel during the Kampala auditions of Tusker Project Fame 6. The parking lot and Lions Bar were almost full to capacity for the biggest percentage of Saturday with hopefuls. This singing thing is hard I should have opted to sing if I had the zeal these men and women possessed. They all looked confident in every right and just ready to meet whoever there is to open their doors to stardom. 


The queues were this long. Sadly I do not see anyone in the top 17 in this one.

Some held guitars while others held little chits with lyrics to the songs they were to sing in front of the judges. I took to the ball room where the ‘fierce’ judges camped and the wide swatch of emotions was visible on everyone’s face. Tension, fear and nerves were painted on the faces of  everyone in the waiting lobby. 

I have never been terrified to face Cleopatra or Flavia or dubbed Juliana a monster. These TPF hopefuls recited prayers and had family and friends in the background just to build courage to face these celebrity judges. The few I interacted with opened up that Cleopatra whom they thought would be the ‘easiest’ judge turned out to be the toughest. Then I eavesdropped a conversation between two ladies swearing never to listen to Flavia’s show on radio just because she had  told them that they weren’t good enough.


This is arguably a very pretty photo however some people might be be already drawing devil horns on each of these ladies in it because of what transpired over the weekend.

Dreams were shuttered but as they say every cloud has a silver lining. the judges finally unveiled the top 17 on Sunday.

“I am looking for that person with the ability to move me with his or her voice, ” Cleopatra told me during the auditions.

“We are looking for that person with the X factor. Some one with the whole package. Singer, performer and over all star,” Juliana Kanyomozi opened up to me in a brief interview during the auditions.

After the  two day cutthroat auditions it was only the voice that would make them stand out. With the hassle of the mind boggling fashion display and the tears of those whose dreams were shuttered, the judges were not distracted from what was most important. THE VOICE! It is what will make Uganda win Tusker Project Fame once again.

Here I present the final 17

tusker final

The final 17 having a light moment after a gruesome two day audition. Unfortunately the academy can only take 4 or 3 contestants. We await to see whose voice with make it on the show.

Tusker Project Fame is an initiative of Tusker Lager and Endemol. Watch Urban TV on Sunday 8 pm for a visual round up of these auditions.

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