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Ugandan Design Duo Bobbin & Seif Electrifies Accra Fashion Week

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Bobbin and Seif, a fashion brand based in Nairobi founded and managed by two Ugandan friends Bobbin and Seif tore the Accra Fashion Week 2016 runway a part with their eccentric designs last weekend. They received a standing ovation which is rare for a relatively new fashion brand. According to one of the fashion enthusiasts in attendance, ” Bobbin & Seif murdered the runway of Accra Fashion Week with their wicked collection!”

“A thousand and one names to call these two, they got everyone electrified with their mind blowing designs,” he adds.

Having been blood cousins and best friends since childhood; and shared the passion for fashion, they decided to start a fashion brand in 2013. Since then, they’ve had the opportunity to feature their designs on big platforms such as Swahili fashion Week 2015, Men’s wear week South Africa 2015 and 2016, Kenya Fashion Awards where they won the award for up and coming designer of the year. They’ll be showcasing at Kampala Fashion Week this year.

Their Accra Fashion Week collection is called ‘Red Indian Family (Native America).

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Photos by SDR Photos

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