When bad clothes happened to Desire Luzinda in her Equation music video

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There’s no doubt that Desire’s Luzinda is one of the most stylish women in town. Her genius choice of clothing that flatters her body is the major reason why. However her new music video Equation fell short of many things we know Desire for.

I’m not sure of who  styled her for this video but trust me their job was not anywhere close to Desire standard. In one of the scenes the voluptuous singer wears a fringed leotard which leaves the curve between her thigh in our faces.. She later changes into a striped silk blouse, micro mini shorts and long striped stockings. This was the most perplexing look of them all!


The curve between her legs was in our face. Great make up though

desire 3

The most perplexing look of them all

The ‘Fitting’ singer later changes into a white cropped blouse fully buttoned up with a huge bow tie. This was not flattering as well.

Fact is Desire is very sexy and so is her music. She therefore doesn’t need toverdo herself because it comes off as desperation.  The song Equation is shockingly beautiful but this video is a total let down. I believe this should be left for up coming singers whose voices alone can’t propel them to stardom.

Screenshot 2014-04-06 16.47.12

She doesn’t need to show much cleavage or show off her thighs. At least not anymore. Just wearing a nice pencil skirt and she’s good to go..

Desire Luzinda will be live in concert on 6th June at Serena Kampala Hotel. Obviously we can’t wait to be there and enjoy this one.  Hopefully the fashion will be up to the Desire standard we know.

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