Xenson will have a big fashion show this year! And more designers reveal their plans for the year

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2016 is set to be a really busy year for the fashion industry. SatisfashionUG spoke to some of the designers, on what they have planned out for year. From Xenson’s annual fashion show which will feature designers from all over the region to bridal designer Anita Beryl, who will be finally doing ready to wear.

Anita Beryl

This year am working on a huge project that will be coming out soon, Iam also planing on launching a ready to wear collection for my clients to Access ready outfits quite easily, considering I have always done couture and bespoke, the number of clients has shot so high that I need something ready all the time,  Am also working on my haute couture collection which will be showing in a few months.
I will also be launching my charity foundation officially so I can be able to attract other people with lovely hearts to care for those in need. so its a very busy year ahead with very exciting adventures.

Kasule Allan Raphael

Our plans this year are pretty extensive. I am looking at investing time in film and commercial conceptual designs. Alongside we booking in into various fashion weeks on the globe yet to be confirmed. But mostly for a clients we are lauching our mens line and more strong couture pieces to compete on the global scene.


I’m having the annual XENSON FASHION SHOW in July and an Art project I want to do with students in secondary schools. The fashion event will feature 10 designers from east Africa and abroad.

Ras Kasozi

This year am focusing on the business side of fashion, I believe I have been creative enough now its my time to make money too. And secondly I’m focusing much on working with other designers from SEED Uganda an association with  purpose of identifying Uganda’s fashion and unifying Ugandan fashion designers. This year I believe we need to be able to let the world identify fashion from Uganda as it is with other countries, I know I can’t do this alone that’s why we need to be a team to change the industry and this is my contact if case someone needs my fashion 0755015018.

Doreen Faith

The plans I have for this year are too big but I don’t really want to share them, I like to surprise people. Lol. But maybe we could perhaps say that Doreen has a lot of surprises in store this year for customers and fans to look forward to.

We are surely in for a busy year.

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