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Zed Fashions Will Host The First Kitenge Barbecue in The World

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The most interesting event is about to take place thanks to Zed Fashions. With lots of fashion houses springing up in Kampala, Zed Fashions has chosen to set itself apart with a unique approach to fashion. Every Zed product is given an African touch and there is no limit to what they can do with African fabric which is commonly known as Kitenge here. It’s amazing to see the transformation normal shoes, bags, accessories and purses go through after being wrapped in Kitenge fabric.
The Kitenge Barbeque will be the first time the public will have a chance to see Zed’s
full product range showcased through a fashion show. While the cute models will be
working the runway, guests will be treated to sticks of Muchomo as the event name
suggests. A line up of artists like Maro and his friends plus a live band has also been
arranged to keep the guests entertained at the fashion show. Our team talked to Zed and
this is what she had to say, “The Kitenge Barbeque is unique because it is the first of its
kind in the world, we have started with Uganda but we intend to spread this concept
worldwide as an annual event that celebrates the beauty of the Kitenge and its rich
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To make the event even more special, Zed fashions has partnered with an NGO known as
“Rock of Faith” to use the Kitenge Barbeque as a platform to fundraise and raise
awareness for a 10 year old boy named Abdul who was born with an imperforated anus
therefore he is constantly passing stool and urine. His condition has left him stigmatized by
other children. He needs 40 million Uganda shillings to undergo a series of surgeries to
restore him back to good health and make him enjoy his life like all other children his age.
A percentage of proceeds from the product and ticket sales will go towards this noble
cause. So whether you’re in it for purely fashion or the charity, it all comes to the same
thing, your presence will make a difference in the young boy’s life.
It’s no secret that african fashion is taking the world by storm. If you’re a fashionista,
then an event like this can’t pass you by. Embrace the change and evolution as you
explore the new African fashion trends on 25’th June 2016 at Club Venom. Gates will be open from 5:00pm till late.

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