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Since bursting on the scene as a member of a duo (Chosen Blood & Faridah Walden), the calm and collected singer has teamed up with a number of stars, churning out some of the biggest songs in Kampala. After a short break from the big stage, the singer is back with an unusually big bang. His song Waddawa which features Sheebah is topping the chats, he’s now managed by TNS and a new album is in the works.

We had a chat with the singer on his career, personal style and everything in between.

Was ‘Wadawa’ written out of a personal experience?

Wadawa wasn’t written out of a personal experience, so many people having been asking this. This’s something that can happen to anyone. We all have ex-lovers, and often times, our relationship with them is never healthy.

Have you heard from any of your ex-lovers regarding the song? What do they think of it?

I honestly don’t talk to them, and don’t know what they think of it. But, what I’m sure of is they enjoy it.

Who wrote the song?

I wrote it, and Nessim produced it.

What was the experience collaborating with Sheebah on the song?

Sheebah is a great artist. She’s creative, energetic and will give any project she sets out to do 100 percent. I’ve worked with many artistes, and she stands out. It was a great honour working with her.

Did you anticipate the success of this song whilst recording it?

We didn’t. Just like any other song, you go to studio with only energy, passion and optimism that the fans will love it. The response has been overwhelming.

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Almost all your collaborations have ended up as smash hits, isn’t it high time you considered joining somebody to form a duo?

I don’t think that way, and most probably won’t be joining or forming a group in the near future. I believe in the potential I possess, and it’s the very reason those songs were ‘smash hits’ like you say. I’m channeling that into my own songs and career now.

You’ve been off the scene, where have you been?

I had traveled to London for school. I’m back for good and the number one priority is music.

How has it been working with TNS so far?

It’s been 3 months since I joined TNS, and I’m not complaining. This is the winning team, man!

Tell us about your new song No Good? It’s quite different from your usual style.

No Good is about people who’re negative. I’m sure everyone has someone they know who‘s like that. It’s exhausting being around them. Yes, the style is different, but where’s your artistry if you can’t be versatile?

Let’s talk fashion. What’s your favorite outfit you’ve worn in a music video?

Let me see.. I don’t think I have a favorite outfit. I like every outfit I’ve worn.

Whose wardrobe do you most want to raid and why?

That’s my good friend Aziz. He’s really stylish. I wish you guys would meet up with him, you’ll agree with me.

When was the last time you worn something made here in Uganda?

I recently had a performance and wore a custom made shirt by designer Kasule Rafael.

Can you describe your personal style in a few words?

I would say simple and confident. If it’s simple and I’m confident wearing it, then I look good in it.

Do you have a style icon?

I have quite a number but Trey Songz stands out. He’s always looking simple and polished.

Which local female celebrity would you wish to spend a day with?

Obviously Sheebah, and probably in studio. Her vibe is just magical, any artiste would want to sit in studio and just watch her record.
Any new music projects in the works? Kindly share

I have many new songs in the works. One of them being Byebyo which will be released in a few weeks, among many others. Just watch the space.

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