My Style: Krina Styla – Day 1

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Meet Krina Styla, our style star this week. Krina is a Ugandan stylist, and entrepreneur based in Malmo Sweden. She’s also a mother of two.  Thanks to her cool style, she’s not new to the pages of this site, check out her style file here in case you missed it. Krina is in Kampala on holiday, and so what better way to celebrate her style than having her as our style star here before she jets back.

For her look today, since she had a semi formal engagement and later take her kids to swim, she opted for this casual meets formal combo.

Check back everyday to see what she’s wearing.




Top – Bik Bok

Pants – Bik Bok

Bag – Zara

Shoes – Zara

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Check out Krina’s Instagram for more style here

 If you wish to be our style star next week, do get in touch.

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